In 1986, Sylvia Fitts Getchell published her Historical Walking Tour Map.  While much has changed in this updated version, the map outline itself is Sylvia’s.  (See Site No. 48 for more information on this project, along with a picture of her original map.)  

    From December 2020 until August 2022, we spent hundreds of hours researching and writing the material for the 50 sites on this new map.  As our work progressed, a number of people provided much-needed IT support and advised us on project planning issues.  Along the way, site researchers, fact checkers and proofreaders assisted as well.  Finally, we found eight narrators to bring the audio text to life. 

    Here are the folks who made it possible:

    IT Support:  John Herman, Svetlana Biscornet

    Project Planning:  Michael Provost, David LeGault, Linda Smith, Greg Crumb, John Herman

    Site Research:  George Walker, David LeGault, Michael Provost

    Proofreading: Sandra Lerner, Shirley Walker, Dave LeGault, Linda Smith, Greg Crumb, John Herman, Anthony Conti

    Narrators:  Michael Provost, John Herman, Kimberly Alexander, Anthony Conti, Elicia Carmichael, Michael Hoffman, John Carmichael, Kris Carmichael

    Thank you so much!

                 Kris Carmichael, Author/Editor/Project Administrator

                 John Carmichael, Researcher/Author