2016  Officers and Board Members 


President John Carmichael (603) 659-3289  
Vice PresidentDavid LeGault( 603) 247-3375   
Recording Secretary
Corresponding Secretary
 Linda Smith  
TreasurerAnthony Conti  

Board of Directors


 Books, Papers, & Photos, WebsiteJohn Carmichael
 Kimberly AlexanderClothing & Linens Kimberly Alexander
Michael Provost CatalogerMichael Provost
Nancy Eaton  
Membership Chair 

Kristin Carmichael newmarketnh.historicalsociety@gmail.com

Eric Beger  
George Walker, Michael Hoffman   Email Address: Museum Tel #   or President’s Tel #
   newmarketnh.historicalsociety@gmail.com (603) 659-7420,   or  (603) 659-3289

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  • and New Market Historical Society Sponsors
  • Proulx Oil and Propane, 1 Simons Lane, Newmarket 


                           And Chinburg Properties      https://chinburg.com/