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Thank you to all enjoyed our Oyster Stew — We Sold Out  !

Our Last Meeting For the Year will be held Monday, October 17th

7 pm  at the Newmarket Town Hall Auditorium, 186 Main Street, Newmarket, NH


For the remainder of the year to schedule a private or a group tour, just email us at:  newmarketnh.historicalsociety@gmail.com 


Congratulations to the Newmarket OUTLAWS !

Matt  Swietzer manages the  “The Outlaws” softball team (which evolved from the town baseball team).  The team plays in the “over 35” Newmarket Softball League & the team has many Newmarket Dads & Coaches on the roster.  Matt made an inquiry about the history of the team after one of his friends saw an Outlaws baseball uniform on display in the museum.  He writes, “I know we’ve been  playing at least back to the 1970s but I have had the team for 13 years after Dave Sanborn “handed me the keys”.  Last Sunday, we finally won the championship in what is a competitive league. My understanding is it is the first championship for Newmarket’s oldest team in this league. 

Newmarket Men’s Twilight League Baseball Team Uniform (2019.06.01)

This uniform was donated by the family of Gerard Mongeon (1923-2019) who played for the Newmarket “Rams” and “Outlaws”.

The team was sponsored by Rene’s Sports, an athletic sports store owned and operated by Rene Peter Levesque from his barbershop on Main Street after WW II. Rene was a WW I veteran, known about town as “Pete” and was a pitcher for the Legion team in the 20’s and 30’s.

(photo: Gerard E. Mongeon, Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient, who served in WWII as an infantryman in the 79th Infantry Division in France and Belgium in 1944)

Alongside his unfiorm Gerard maintained a Baseball scrapbook with complete stats and newspaper clippings bewteen 1939 - 1950.  In his extensive record keeping, there is no mention of the Outlaws winning a championship.   

Matt’s Team of 2022 may very well have been the first!

We wish to thank  Proulx Oil and Propane,  and  Chinburg Builders  who generously donated funds

for our efforts to acquire new artifacts and preserve those manuscripts, diaries, letters, and articles already in our collection.  


Photo taken 1898 of  Stone School teacher Miss Mabel Mathes with her 51 students.  Just three years earlier the school was connected to a water pipe bringing water to the hill.  Just image, 51 students in one room  — With or Without Water !

Coming Next on October 17, 2022 :



As dried leaves start rustling in the streets and the moon shines bright in late fall evenings, it’s time to reflect on Newmarket’s share of sinners. Join us as we visit 400 years of local lore and legend.  This program promises to be poignant, chilling, laughable, and sometimes grisly as we learn a bit about the darker side of our heritage.


(photo: the old Elm Block in 1905, at the corner of Elm Street & Nichols Avenue, a scene of adultrous rage, revenge, and bloody murder)

Subjects will range from:

the infamous (and yet lovable) Henry Tufts,

The Chicken Thief,

The Slaughter House,

Unreturned Love,

and being sentenced to “Remove Yourself From Newmarket Within 24 Hours”  along with many more!

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Stone School Museum

The Stone School Museum, built in 1841, as a two-room schoolhouse, and now home to the New Market Historical Society, is located high upon Zion’s Hill on Granite Street.  Hours of operation are in our program of events and are on our web page and Facebook.  If you need further information, please call 603-659-3289 and leave a message or via email at newmarketnh.historicalsociety@gmail.com. Your inquiry will be returned as soon as possible.

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