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We are dedicated to increasing public understanding and enthusiasm for our local history.  Our mission is to provide a central location where we can store, introduce, interpret, and stimulate the study of our town’s history. Our goals are to tell Newmarket’s story, preserve its local artifacts, and sponsor historical events and educational opportunities.

The Society generally meets on the fourth Monday of the month, March through October.  See our 2014 calendar for a listing of  our events — exact dates, times, and locations. The public is always welcome to attend our educational meetings, which are free except for select special events.


 Images of America


by Christopher W. Hislop

photos: Historical Society


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Monday  April 28th  7 pm. Chick’s Weir

The Indians had a large permanent weir at the “great falls” on the Lamprey where the new settlers built their dam.  The weir was made of rocks with a willow screen and above it was a platform from which the Indians speared fish, which included Atlantic salmon, shad, and sturgeon.  The Indians had virtually supported and kept alive the early settlers in the Great Bay area.  

Fast forward to the 1960s when Chick Hayes wrangled with NH Department of Fish & Game when they wanted to remove the weirs from the Lamprey.  In 1978 the Town of Newmarket granted “grandfathered” rights for him to fish the weir.  Chick had fished the weirs for 40 years before turning it over to Jerry Collins. Collins describes a system that includes 150 to 200 stakes installed permanently in the mud, from which nets are hung.  While the weir, is the only one in New Hampshire, is about 90 years old,  ”It has quite a history,”   as  Collins has faced a series of legal battles between the 1970s up to and including the 2011 controversy regarding the positioning of his nets at Schanda Park.  For over 40 years, battling at  his side has been Attorney Patti Blanchette, New Market Historical Society Life Member and former town State Representative. She has been instrumental in cutting through the bureaucratic red tape, and keeping the weir a functioning, visible piece of Town History.

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